80gOriginal Parma Prosciutto, Feta Cheese4,65 €
70gBeef Carpaccio Garnished with Parmesan and Sweet Basil4,50 €
80gSalmon Tartar4,95 €
60gGoat cheese with Balkan pepper and salad4,65 €


     Daily Offer1,35 €


120gPotato Damper Filled with Chicken Liver3,20 €
80gGarlic toast with a slice of grilled Sirlion6,25 €
80gAsparagus in Prosciutto Jacket, Gratinated with Swiss Cheese3,80 €
100gSautéed Chicken Liver with Pears and Apples3,20 €
80gBaked snails in herb butter with Mozzarella4,80 €


150gChicken Steak Flawoured with Lime Sauce, Garnished with Orange Slices6,20 €
150gGratinated Chicken Breast with Mozarella and Tomato6,50 €
150gTurkey Roll Filled with Spinach and Feta Cheese, Served with Saffron Sauce6,80 €
150gTurkey Medallions Garnished with Artichoke, Tomato and Swet Basil6,80 €
150gSautéed Chicken Breast, English Style Vegetable6,00 €
150gPanfried Chicken Steak Covered in Almonds6,00 €
150gPanfried Turkey Breast Filled with Ham, Blue Cheese and Mushrooms6,50 €
150gGordon Blue6,50 €


200gRoasted Rainbow Trout, Stuffed with Onion and Leek
+ each added 10g = 0,20 €
5,50 €
200gRoasted Salmon Served with Caper Sauce and Dill9,70 €
200gRoasted Salmon, Beurre Maitre d'Hotel9,30 €
200gWine Marinated Rainbow Trout with Orange and Almonds
+ each added 10g = 0,20 €
6,50 €
200gRoasted Zander A´la Provence9,80 €
150gPanfried Zander5,90 €


200gBeef Steak with ratatouille and herb butter16,10 €
200gPepper Steak13,75 €
200gBeef Steak with mushrooms14,20 €
200gBeef Steak with Green Beans, Flawoured with Pang Gang Sauce13,90 €
400gSteak „CHATEUBRIAND”27,10 €
150gSirloin medallions in nut crust with Roquefort sauce13,50 €
200gBeef Tartar11,75 €


200gPork Loin „Towers“ Poured with Piquant Sauce7,65 €
150gBroiled Fillet of Pork with Ham, Bell Pepper and Champignongs7,65 €
150gGrilled Pork Loin, Wasabi Sauce7,65 €
150gBaked Pork Loin in Puff Pastry7,65 €
200gPork Loin „Braid“ with Bacon, Served with Prunes Sauce8,20 €
150gLumberjack´s Fillet with Bacon, Smoked Cheese and Onion7,10 €
150gPanfried Breaded Steak of Pork5,10 €

Chef´s Offer

800gRoasted Pork Knuckle - order must be made 8 hours in advance
each added 10g 0,20 €
9,20 €
2400gRoasted Duck served with Stewed Red Cabbage
- order must be made 8 hours in advance
26,50 €
200gMixed Plate Dish „ DREAM“ – Pork Loin, Tenderloin, Chicken Steak and Sautéed Chicken Liver9,45 €
200gDuck Steak with Cranberries8,30 €
200gRoasted Duck Breast Served with „Vermut Rosso“ Sauce and Orange Slice8,30 €
200gRoasted Duck Breast in Mushrooms Sauce8,30 €
150gMixture „ Záhorák“ Potato Pancake filled with Sauteéd Pork Meat6,00 €
300gBryndzové halušky DREAM3,65 €


150gWild Boar ragout7,80 €
200gWild Boar with Apples flamed Slivovica (plum brandy)9,90 €
200gWild Boar Medallions served with Savoury Cranberry and Rosehip Sauce9,90 €
200gVenison cuts on Vienna style11,50 €
200gVenison Medallions "Saltimboca"11,95 €

Vegetarian Dishes

250gPenne with Tomato, Olives and Parmesan4,20 €
250gPenne with Spinach and Blue Cheese4,20 €
250gStired Noodles with Poppy Seeds, Walnuts or Curd – on request3,20 €
250gGratinated Broccoli5,10 €
100gPanfried Cheese3,00 €


300gMixed Vegetable Salad with Tuna4,00 €
300gMixed Vegetable Salad with Chicken Meat4,00 €
300g„Diplomat“ Salad , contains Salmon, Asparagus, Cheese and Tofu4,50 €
300gMixed Vegetable Salad with Blue Cheese4,00 €
300gGreek Salad4,00 €


50gCheese Plate3,10 €
150gPancakes Filled with Forest Fruit Flavoured with Vanilla Creme3,00 €
150gPancakes with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream3,00 €
150g„Hot Raspberries“3,00 €
150gPotato Dampers with Poppy Seeds2,70 €
150gHome made Strudel1,85 €
150gIce Cream Sundae2,20 €

Side Dishes

150gStewed English Style Vegetable1,65 €
150gBoiled potatoes with butter 1,20 €
150gBaked potatoes1,20 €
150gPotatoes with Bacon1,50 €
150gAmerican potatoes1,50 €
150gFrench fries1,25 €
150gCroquettes1,20 €
150gPotato salad1,50 €
150gRice1,20 €
150gPotatoe pancake0,60 €


150gWhite Cabbage Salad1,20 €
150gCucumber Salad, Tomato Salad, Mixed Salad1,40 €
150gBeetroot Salad1,20 €
100gPickled Cucumbers0,50 €
50gTartar Sauce0,80 €
50gKetchup0,65 €
50gDip1,00 €
150gFruit Compote1,35 €
40gBread, Breadstuff0,20 €